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The basic conception regarding the ultrasound scan, according to most people, is that it helps the process of tracking a child’s development, in pregnancy. But, they are not aware of the fact that an ultrasound scan has numerous other things to offer. 

Now, what exactly is an ultrasound? Well, it is a medical test that takes a picture of your internal body using a high-frequency sound wave. Sonography is another name for the ultrasound. 

Did you know that it has a few unique facts to offer? Keep on reading and learn them. 


Ultrasound scanning has been around for quite a while. Most people think an ultrasound scan is used in pregnancy either to assess the condition of a baby in the womb or to find out a child’s gender. While that is one of the most common uses for ultrasound scanning, it has a variety of applications. An ultrasound is a medical test that involves taking live images of various organs within our bodies using high-frequency sound waves. 

 It uses the same technology used by radar and sonar in the military to detect ships and aircraft. An ultrasound scan in Hyderabad allows your doctor to see whether your tissues, vessels, and organs have problems, without using any invasive procedures. The main benefit of an ultrasound is that it is capable of seeing some structures without using radiation. This is the reason it is the preferred technique to check a fetus in pregnancy. 


Understanding Ultrasound 

Ultrasound is a testing procedure where high-frequency sound waves (sonar and radio-frequency technologies) are used to produce images of the internal parts of the body. Sonography refers to medical tests performed using a device called Ultrasound. Apart from being safe, an Ultrasound is also painless and usually cost-effective procedure — making it popular among patients as well as medical professionals. 

Ultrasound images are developed in real-time, allowing us to see both the structure of our internal organs, and also the function (i.e., the motion) of our blood vessels. While it has a variety of different uses in medicine and in healthcare, the most common and favored test used to track fetal development in pregnant women is probably ultrasound. 


An individual usually does not need to undergo any special preparations in order to take the ultrasound. For smokers who are older than age 65, taking an abdominal Ultrasound test at any diagnostic center in Hyderabad can be a smart move, even when no other obvious symptoms of disease or discomfort are present. 


When is the Ultrasound Test performed?

  • An ultrasound is usually recommended to diagnose, guide, and treat procedures like biopsies. 
  • An Ultrasound is also used most often for evaluating the status of the organs of our abdomen, such as the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, pancreas, thyroid, spleen, ovaries, and testes. 
  • An Ultrasound also helps to diagnose the condition of our muscles, joints, tendons, blood vessels, and soft tissues. 
  • An ultrasound is also recommended when it is a research step for treating conditions like Tennis elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Frozen Shoulder. 
  • Ultrasound tests may, additionally, help with diagnosis and the identification of tumours, cysts, and lumps that could have cancerous origins or a cancerous nature. 


Some Unique Facts about Ultrasound 


  • No Risks Involved


One of the best aspects of an ultrasound scan is that it does not carry any risks. Instead of using some kind of harmful radiation, such as X-rays or whatever, it uses high-frequency sound waves to obtain an internal picture of your body. Well, the body either absorbs these sound waves as heat, or they are bounced back at the transmitter. Maybe the body would see some increase of heat, but there would be no adverse effects. 


  • Interesting History of Ultrasound


The first sonogram saw the light in the year 1794, the brainchild of the obstetrician, Iain Donald, together with an engineer, Tom Brown. But, the first clinical usage of a sonogram was made in the 1950s. Glasgow Hospital used it for the first time in the year of 1956. Since then, sonograms have gone through different developments, over time. 


  • Ultrasound Serves Multiple Purposes     


Earlier, the sonogram scan was used to find out whether or not the woman was pregnant. But since then, a number of specialists have started using it for different purposes, such as finding cysts, discovering heart problems, determining pregnancy possibilities, and diagnosing multiple gallbladder problems. 


  • Guides Women to Take Valid Decisions 


Pregnant mothers appreciated the capability of the ultrasound scan because it helped to detect the fetal health as well as reflected its movements. As stated by medical professionals, most women remain in uncertainty regarding their pregnancy till an ultrasound is performed. It makes sure the woman is healthy. 


  • It Played a Crucial Role in reducing the rate of Abortion


Yes, the ultrasound helped in the process of reducing abortion rates. How?

Well, when the women looked at an ultrasound picture of the fetus, they saw the child was healthy and also moving. This influences their psychology, and they recoil from the decision to abort. So, ultrasounds, in that sense, have played a major role in the reduction in the abortion rate. 


So, these are some unique facts you need to be aware of ultrasound scanning. And, in case, if you have to undergo an ultrasound, then you can come to Matrix for advanced radiology, imaging, and other world-class diagnostic services in Hyderabad at very affordable costs.


How to Choose the Best Diagnostic Center for Ultrasound?

So, why should you pick your diagnostic center carefully? 

Why does Your Diagnostic Center Matter So Much?

 An ultrasound scan helps your healthcare provider figure out what is going wrong with your body, and how it can be fixed. While the doctor might review images from the scan, it is the report from the scan that helps him or her to confirm a diagnosis and recommend the correct course of treatment. 

This scan report, which explains what the scan images are showing, is done by the radiologist — a trained medical professional who is integral to the Diagnostic Center’s team. So, an ultrasound is a procedure that depends on an operator. 

A professional radiologist, who has sufficient experience, is the single most important element in accurately interpreting images, hence, the diagnosis. 

Even better is a specialist radiologist, focusing on specific parts of the body, thereby having greater experience and expertise, and thus providing more precise diagnoses. For instance, for joint- or muscle-related ultrasound, a MSK radiologist would be your best choice. 

So, before deciding on a diagnostic center for reliable imaging services in Hyderabad, be sure you are familiar with the qualifications and specialties of the radiologist. 


Not Only the Radiologists, but the Ultrasound Technology also Matters 

Not every center has the latest ultrasound machines, which are equipped with updated technology. And why does this matter?

Because low-quality scanners produce scan images that are blurred or with poor resolution, it might not give a clear image to a radiologist or physician about your internal organs, therefore increasing the chances that you will not get a prompt diagnosis. 

It is like the difference between watching a movie in high definition, and watching the version with a very low-resolution, pixelated picture. Choosing a well-known ultrasound scanning centre in Hyderabad that has the latest scanners helps radiologists and your doctor to catch tiny details you might have missed otherwise. 


Matrix Diagnostics is a reputed diagnostic center, with super specialized radiologists & used world’s most advanced technology in providing radiology services such as X-rays, CT Scan in Hyderabad, including ultrasound, pathology, RT-PCR COVID-19 Testing, and much more. 

If you need to go through an ultrasound & still have any questions, feel free to contact us for more clarification.

© Copyright by Matrix Diagnostics 2019. All rights reserved

© Copyright by Matrix Diagnostics 2019. All rights reserved

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