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There are numerous lung diseases, CT scans are very useful in diagnosing the right one. HRCT examination is one such scan where it provides valuable information that easily cannot be depicted through medical history & other tests too. 

CT/HRCT Chest Scan ensures accuracy in the diagnosis or prognosis of diseases. It helps determine the development of the diseases easily and also examines all the acute & major symptoms of worsening diseases.

At a time when the number of COVID cases is rising rapidly and there is a high false negative rate in RT-PCR nasal swabs, many people are suffering from complications and severe symptoms. It is also suspected that the mutated virus could easily avoid PCR tests, and therefore patients with suspected COVID are advised to undergo CT scans instead of being retested. 

The high demand for chest x-rays and HRCT has led to an exponential rise in prices and demand for these tests. Medical diagnostic networks and imaging labs are also seeing a strong influx of people who want to get tested, which in a sense also helps to determine the severity of the disease. 

Multiple healthcare institutes often prefer using swab test methods to identify an infection. Though, as per the American Journal of Roentgenology, it was concluded that the CT/HRCT Scan diagnosis of COVID-19 is fairly accurate with 4% error rate. 

Many people have varied preferences regarding the diagnosis, CT/HRCT has been the primary and precise tool in the early detection of COVID-19.

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Considering CT/HRCT, what is HRCT scan, and why it is done, what is the process, and how it is beneficial in assessing the COVID-29 infection and so on. You will get answers to all these questions in this blog post, keep on reading to know more information.


What Exactly is CT/HRCT Scan?

Computed Tomography also known as High-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) refers to a CT scan that provides a more accurate cross-sectional image of the lungs than conventional chest CT and chest x-rays. 

HRCT Chest scan uses special technologies to improve image resolution with fine lung details ideal for evaluation. An HRCT scan covers the entire lung tissue, which helps doctors find the cause of any abnormalities. 

The method can be used for the diagnosis of acute and chronic diseases of lung tissue and respiratory tract. HRCT may be more sensitive and accurate in diagnosing diffuse lung disease. Because HRCT can detect even small nodules in the lungs, it can detect major abnormalities early and help develop appropriate treatment plans. 


Why CT or HRCT Chest Scan is Done?

HRCT chest scans are considered as the method of choice for detecting unexplained lung abnormalities and chest complications. The following are some of the most common uses of the scan:

  • To assess the lung functioning & the risk of development of any diffuse lung disease.
  • To deter the airflow obstructions in the lungs 
  • To find out any abnormal growth of tumors inside the lungs.
  • For biopsy, to select the optimal route if needed
  • To figure out multiple lungs’ infections like bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, cystic fibrosis, etc.  
  • To analyze abnormalities found in chest CT scan and chest X-ray
  • To examine the progression & severity of an infection


How to prepare for a chest CT/HRCT Scan? 

The HRCT scan is a painless, non-invasive imaging technique that does not require special preparation before the procedure. During the procedure, the patient is not injected with a contrast agent. You can stick to your regular diet and continue your regular activities. 


However, in some cases, patients may be required to fast for several hours before the procedure. It is also recommended to have all medical records and prescriptions with you at the time of the scan. Radiologists can use these recordings to confirm their findings and make an accurate diagnosis. 


Before entering the scanning room, the patient is put on a large, comfortable cotton gown. Before starting the procedure, you must remove all jewelry and metal objects. 


Book your CT/HRCT Chest Scan in Hyderabad at a very affordable price.


HRCT Chest Scan Procedure

Qualified technicians carry out the test. During the scan, the patient lies down on an examination table, which then slides into a large round donut-shaped CT machine. The position of the patient is usually recumbent (lying on the back) with both hands above the head. The patient is asked to remain still and hold their breath. HRCT chest scans take less than 5 minutes after the patient enters the scanner. 


After the Scan

  • Once the scan is completed, patients can drink or eat as usual.
  • Hard copies of chest scan can be available in the next 2 hours of the scan and you can get the written report within 24-48 hours. 

Note— As this scan uses ionizing radiation, pregnant women must inform their doctor before the scan.

How is Chest HRCT useful in Assessing Covid-19 infection? 

The demand for chest scans has grown exponentially at a time when the number of Covid-19 cases across the country is growing rapidly. 

People with negative RT-PCR also suffer from severe symptoms of Covid-19. In this case, people are advised to have an HRCT chest scan. This scan is another way to determine the extent of viral infection in the lungs. 

People have HRCT chest scans as soon as they see initial symptoms, but HRCT reports show ground-glass opacities in the lungs, usually visible within a week of infection. 

The 3-fold uses of an HRCT chest scan in COVID management are stated below:

  • HRCT chest demonstrates the disease progress at various stages-early, progressive, peak stage, & absorption stage. The test helps to better understand the disease progress, diagnosis and treatment. 
  • It could be positive even when the RT-PCR test gives it negative which strengthens the significant role of HRCT in the diagnosis of COVID-19 infection.
  • HRCT chest scan images of a patient reveal that over 90% of the lung lesions disappear or just a slight patch remains, illustrating that COVID-19 infection is not only preventable & controllable but also curable if appropriate treatment is provided on time. 

Medical tests & full-body health check-up packages in Hyderabad are available at Matrix Diagnostics.


Duration of the Scan  

The duration of a CT scan depends on the area of ​​the body to be scanned and what the radiologist is trying to diagnose. On average, the scan should take about 30 minutes if counterstaining is not required. 

The patient will receive some radiation during the CT scan, but the amount will be minimal. 


The chance that CT radiation will cause cancer is very, very small, and the risk of CT radiation is worth the risk because it allows physicians and radiologists to diagnose and treat a patient’s life-threatening illness that “otherwise would not have otherwise got detected.

Matrix offers advanced CT scan services in Hyderabad and performs cardiac screening to rule out coronary heart disease, lung injury, pediatric imaging among other applications of routine uses. Contact us for a safe & accurate CT/HRCT scan in Hyderabad.  

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There are many factors that will affect our health, some factors are like food habits, lifestyle, etc. The external factor that affects our body is the climatic conditions. There are many seasonal diseases that could affect that particular season. There are many types of seasonal diseases like cold & flu in winter, malaria & dengue in monsoon, diarrhea in summer, and many other diseases. 

The seasonal diseases could cause many problems like mild uneasiness, hospitalization, and in some cases it could lead to death. Neglecting health checkup could result in severe consequences. Matrix Diagnostics is one of the best diagnostics centers in Hyderabad and we offer all types of diagnostics services for reasonable cost. 

Here in this article, let’s know about Monsoon diseases and their precautionary measures. 

What are Seasonal Monsoon Diseases?

In India, monsoon season starts in the month of July and it will continue till September. This season may give refreshing experiences, but this season also spreads many air borne, water borne, and mosquito borne diseases. 

In this season, the cool climatic conditions and unhygienic conditions may cause mild to many severe health conditions. So, it is very important to keep our self-prepared for monsoon weather and diseases. Especially, people who are suffering from chronic illnesses, old people, and children must take extra care to protect themselves from monsoon diseases. 

So, let’s see some of the common diseases that affect the monsoon season. These are mainly three types of monsoon diseases


  • Mosquito Borne


Monsoon season is the breeding season for mosquitos and they transmit highly dangerous diseases. Here are the diseases caused by mosquitos in monsoon.


This is the most dangerous disease caused in monsoon season. Malaria is caused by the single celled parasite called Plasmodium, and it causes high fever for several days. The malaria causing mosquitoes breed in the water channels and streams. 


Dengue is caused by a mosquito type called Aedes albopictus. This type of mosquitos generally breeds in stagnant water and dengue is caused in both urban and rural areas. The incubation period of dengue is about four to seven days after being bitten by the dengue causing mosquito. You will be seeing common symptoms like fatigue, fever, body pains, etc. 


It is a disease caused by the mosquito type called Aedes Albopictus. Chikungunya is a non-fatal disease and causes fever, joint pains and fatigue. This type of mosquitoes also breeds in stagnant water. 


  • Air Borne Diseases


Monsoon brings many types of air borne infections that could cause many illnesses. This type of infection is caused by tiny pathogens that can spread easily through air. Let’s see the most common types of air borne monsoon diseases. 

Cold and Flu

The cold and flu is caused generally because of sudden change in the climatic conditions and temperature change. This will be affected easily for the people with weak immune systems. This infection is accompanied by sore throat, runny nose, fever, chills, and watery eyes. 


It is one of the highly transmissible seasonal flu that will spread from person to person through air.


  • Water Borne


Did you know? WHO reports state that around 3.4 million people are affected by water borne diseases every year in India. Some of the popular water borne diseases are,


It is caused because of the S. Typhi bacteria and this is spread due to poor sanitation. The most common reasons for this disease is eating uncovered food and drinking contaminated water. The major symptoms are sore throat, joint pains, and fever. 


This is also popularly known as Weil’s Syndrome and this disease is caused because of coming in contact with dirty monsoon water. This will cause severe muscle pain, headache, and fever. 

There are also many water borne diseases like Jaundice, Hepatitis A, etc. So, taking regular health checkups in the monsoon season is very important. Matrix Diagnostics offer the best diagnostics services in Hyderabad at most reasonable cost.  

Precautionary Measures During Monsoon

It is very important to stay safe in the monsoon and take proper precautionary measures to protect yourselves with monsoon diseases. Here are some useful precautionary measures to follow during the monsoon season. 

  • Cover your nose and mouth when you cough and sneeze, it will protect other people around you from getting infections.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly when you come from outside and avoid going out unnecessarily.
  • Drink only clean water and eat healthy, covered food. 
  • Keep your home clean and don’t allow water to stay stagnant for a long time in your surroundings as it will help mosquitos to breed. 

Apart from this, taking a health checkup when you have felt unhealthy will reduce the chances of getting ill for a long time. You can visit the Matrix covid testing center in hyderabad for rt pcr test hyderabad. We have experienced medical staff and they can provide the best diagnostic services. 

In the current world, food habits, lifestyle, and many other factors are playing an important role in people’s health. People are struggling with various health issues that are caused by many internal and external factors. Nowadays many people struggle for good health, irrespective of their age.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition or disease that affects the ability of the body to process blood glucose. Diabetes is one of the most popular and serious health problems in the world. In India the rate of people with diabetes is increasing, on an average, 65 million people are currently being affected with diabetes. It has become a global concern and it is slowly becoming an epidemic. 

Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires effective diagnosis and screening. The consequences of neglecting proper diagnosis will be very severe. The complications of diabetes include heart diseases, heart strokes, kidney failure, blindness, limb amputation, and many more. The symptoms of diabetes may not be clear at the initial stage, but negligence could make diabetes more intense. 

Matrix Diagnostic center in Hyderabad is one of the best diagnostic centers with highly experienced medical staff and advanced equipment. They also have branches in places like Kukatpally, Gachibowli, AS Rao Nagar, and many other places. 

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes are of three types, i.e. Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes. Let’s know in detail about these types. 

Type 1 Diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes is also popularly known as Juvenile diabetes. In this type of diabetes, the body stops producing insulin. So, in order to stay healthy and alive, people with type 1 diabetes must take insulin artificially regularly. 

Type 2 Diabetes:

Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes and this type of diabetes affects the insulin usage in the body. Though the body produces insulin, the body doesn’t respond as effectively as it used to respond previously. In some cases it causes obesity. 

Gestational Diabetes:

Gestational diabetes is mostly caused by women with pregnancy and in most cases they get resolved after child birth. This type of diabetes occurs when pregnant women become less sensitive to insulin produced in the body. 

Who is at High Risk of diabetes?

The effects or consequences of diabetes will be mostly the same for all types of diabetes. For normal people, the blood sugar level ranges from 100 to 125 milligrams per deciliter (ml/dL). But for the people with diabetes, the blood sugar level will be more than 126 ml/dL. Let’s see some of the common types of problems that make them at high risk for diabetes. 

  • People with excess will be at high risk of diabetes. In most cases people with overweight conditions will be more affected with diabetes than people with proper weight. 
  • The family history of diabetes will become a risk factor of diabetes. People with a family history of diabetes will have more chances of becoming victims of diabetes. 
  • People with high blood pressure and also with high density lipoprotein (HDL) are at risk of getting diabetes. 
  • Those who are above 45 years of age will have less vigor and are at high risk of diabetes. 
  • Sedentary lifestyle will cause diabetes

People with these types of problems will be at high risk of diabetes. 

People so practice a healthy lifestyle and exercise to reduce the risk of diabetes. Also, people with above problems should take regular health checkups to detect diabetes at early stages. Matrix diagnostics offers the best diagnostic service in Hyderabad, and they also offer the best diabetes testing services. 

Tests of Diabetes

There are many tests that could help you to detect diabetes at an early stage. Some of the popular test include

  • Fasting blood sugar tests will help to detect diabetes. The test is done on an empty stomach and the normal reading or range of this test will be between 70 and 99 mg/dL.
  • Post prandial blood sugar test is one of the popular tests to detect diabetes. It is done after a proper meal, normally two hours after meal. The readings of this test must not exceed 140 to 145 mg/dL. 
  • Glyco Hemoglobin test, also known as A1C test is also a popular test to detect the blood sugar level and diabetes. This test will give the record of blood glucose over the past three months. The normal readings of this test will be in between 4% to 6%. 

These are the most popular diagnosis tests that could help to detect diabetes. Matrix diagnostics offer the rt pcr test hyderabad. You can visit the matrix covid testing center in hyderabad or any other branches of Matrix diagnostics for diabetes tests.

© Copyright by Matrix Diagnostics 2019. All rights reserved

© Copyright by Matrix Diagnostics 2019. All rights reserved

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